American Income Life SGA Supporting Workers Rights

American Income Life supports workers rightsJim Surace is a State General Agent for American Income Life in Ohio and one of the leading partners of the Surace-Smith Agencies. When Issue 2 came up on the polls, Jim wrote a letter addressing his opinion about the issue, and submitted it to a newspaper for publication. In his letter, Jim informed the public on the unfairness Issue 2 would bring to the working people. Issue 2 would have limited the worker’s rights at work, as well as their income.

For those who are not familiar with Issue 2, it was a plan made by Ohio Governor John Kasich in favor of restricting bargaining rights for unionized government workers.

Like American Income Life, Jim Surace is a supporter of unions and the right to a fair workplace; which is why Jim made sure he contributed to inform the public of the issue. He, along with union supporters and activists, showed up and voted ‘no’ to Issue 2. In a record breaking turnout since the early 90s, 46 percent of the Ohio population showed up to vote and 60 percent voted ‘no’ to Issue 2.

Read more on Jim’s letter on Issue 2 on the official American Income Life company blog!

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