American Income Life – Are You at Risk?

American Income Life - Would you be prepared in case of an accident?

American Income Life – Would you be prepared in case of an accident?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2010, 282,000 teenagers ages 16 -19 were injured in motor vehicle accidents. If you’re a teenager or the parent of a teenager, an auto accident could be in your future.

But, accidents don’t just happen behind the wheel. Hiking, skiing, swimming, biking, rock climbing, boating, running, skateboarding, playing school sports, etc., can all result in injuries. Working out too strenuously at your local health club can result in injury. Climbing up on a ladder to wash your windows or bending over to weed your garden can result in injury.

For Seniors, falls are a major cause of injuries. According to the CDC, one in three Senior adults fall each year, and in 2010, 2.3 million of these Seniors were treated in emergency rooms.

The point is, whether you’re a teenager, a Senior, or somewhere in between, an accident can happen to you … anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. Unfortunately, sometimes these injuries are serious.

Would your family be able to pay its bills if you were injured and unable to work? Accidents happen in an instant, and the lives of your loved ones can be changed in that same instant. Protect your family’s financial future with an accident policy from American Income Life Insurance Company. It pays cash benefits for accidental injuries, is guaranteed renewable, and cannot be canceled as long as your premiums are paid on time.

If an accident is in your future, you can be prepared with American Income Life!

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