Top Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance

life insurance from American Income LifeWhile the concept of life insurance implies a certain sense of morbidity, the truth is that, eventually, we all die. At American Income Life we believe that life insurance protects the dependents of the policyholder, provides income while the family adjusts to the loss of the breadwinner, funds specific financial goals, and pays for debt and taxes. With nearly two-thirds of Americans living in middle-income households, going without life insurance can prove to be a fatal mistake.

Accidents and illnesses happen. Life insurance is a selfless way to help make sure your loved ones can survive financially without you. Everyone agrees that it’s important to insure your car in case of an accident, but what if that accident turns deadly? Life insurance is necessary for the ‘what ifs’ in life.

A life insurance policy from American Income Life can help allow the family time to grieve without worrying about returning to work immediately. Consider it one last act of love and kindness to help fund costly funeral and burial arrangements.

Another advantage of life insurance is that it can help fund specific financial goals. Since life insurance can help pay off a mortgage or send children to college, it’s important to be insured when purchasing a home or starting a family. When the breadwinner is no longer alive to save for these endeavors, a portion of the policy’s death benefits can be set aside for necessary funding.

Purchasing life insurance before it is needed will help protect loved ones from significant debt and taxes following the policyholder’s death. A prolonged illness can rack up medical bills, while property taxes can cause additional headaches for the family.

In life, no one is immortal. When people are dependent on you, it’s important to buy a life insurance policy before it’s too late. Accept the inevitable and continue providing for your family posthumously. Visit American Income Life to learn more about the available life insurance products.

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