When You Least Expect It … American Income Life Can Help

American Income Life - spring is in the air

American Income Life – Spring is in the air

Now that spring is here, you’re all ready to get outside and become more active. It’s time to put the winter doldrums behind you, stretch those winter-worn muscles, and get yourselves and your yards back into shape. Whether you’re hauling bags of mulch to complete a new spring flower garden, kicking a soccer ball with your daughter, or spending an active day on the golf course — accidents are more likely to happen when you’re active.

Fortunately, for most of you, those accidents will be minor … pulled muscles, scraped knees, and minor cuts. But some of you won’t be so lucky. No matter what your age or circumstances, serious accidents can happen in an instant and change your life or the life of your loved one forever. What if you are injured and unable to work? Would your family have the financial resources to make ends meet without your paycheck? Would your family be able to continue the lifestyle to which it’s accustomed? Would the trauma of your accident only be intensified by the trauma of financial issues?

American Income Life offers an accident policy that pays cash benefits for accidental injuries. Don’t take chances with the well being of your family. See what AIL can do for you at www.ailife.com.

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